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For commercial property owners, safety and security are crucial. With the right security in place, you can be at peace knowing that your business is protected. Leander Fence Builders is one of the few companies that take the security of its customers with much significance. With over two decades in the fencing industry, we understand the needs of commercial property owners and strive to execute a quality fence very time.

Why Choose Leander Fence Builders

When you choose Leander Fence Builders as your commercial fencing contractor, you can expect top-notch commercial fencing that will add style to your property and enhance security. In the fencing industry, most companies only cater to the needs of large corporations. However, Leander Fence Builders takes into consideration that both small and large businesses require a sense of security. That is why our commercial fence and gate style caters for both small and large companies that are seeking business protection. 

Also, we only work with experienced installers who have worked with hundreds of commercial property owners before. With their extensive portfolio, you can be assured of a high level of installation and unmatched customer service. Each of our crews knows what it takes to offer the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Better yet, our quality services come at very reasonable pricing. Being an experienced company with knowledgeable installers, we are able to offer our installation services at reduced cost and complete it within a short period of time than other fencing companies in the region.

Commercial Fencing Solutions We Offer

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Barrier Fences

Barrier Fences are another type of commercial fence that we specialize in. Barrier fences help you protect vehicles from entering unauthorized areas. They also come in handy when you want to secure inventory. Over the years, we have built and installed barrier fences for establishments like banks and schools.

Security Gates

Security gates play an essential role in ensuring that only authorized persons have access to the facility. Since we began in 1999, we have installed a large number of security gates for businesses in Leander, TX. Whether you want a security gate for the parking management or private parking lots, our devoted installers can design gates that meet your needs.

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are common in commercial settings for their security and visibility functions. At Leander Fence Builder, we offer a wide variety of both vinyl-coated and galvanized chain-link fences that are designed to suit any property. Most of our customers love the galvanized fabric. Nonetheless, we can also provide vinyl coating fences if you want an aesthetically pleasing option.

With our chain link fences, it will be easier to protect your business and inventory during business hours and non-business hours. Our commercial chain link fences are unique because we construct the corner posts in 36” concrete.

Fall Protection Fences

A fall protection fence is a great way to secure your property and prevent the occurrence of accidents. Our fall protection fences will not only ensure the safety of your workers and customers but will also reduce accidents in your business.

security fencing for commercial property

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