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Installing a new fence can increase the security of your home and add to its beauty. However, this great investment can lose its value should it suffer a storm, vehicle, or tree damage. For this reason, it is important to find the company that handles Fence Repair Leander, TX. This can save you from the expensive costs of buying a new fence.

Our Repair Services

Wrought Iron Fence Repair

Most property owners choose iron fences and gates because they are beautiful and durable. However, wrought iron fencing needs constant maintenance to maintain its look and prevent rusting and corrosion. If you notice that your wrought iron fence is rusting, don't hesitate to call us for professional repair services. We pride in providing three types of finishes to protect your iron fence from rust and corrosion.

Wooden Fence Repair

Wood is an excellent choice because of its natural appeal that goes well with almost any decor and style of home. This type of fence is sought after by many homeowners because of the sense of privacy it provides. When it ages, wood tends to get a natural gray patina color. If this style doesn’t fascinate you, you have the option to stain and treat it. Along with painting and treating paint, we also add pickets to the customer’s request. This ensures more privacy for your home.

Vinyl Fence Repair

Vinyl fencing has a reputation for being extremely durable and more resistant than other fences like wood. While this type of fence doesn't require much maintenance, there is a need for upkeep, such as regular cleaning to remove stains.

Aluminum Fence Repair

Simple yet attractive, aluminum is another popular fencing that gives a sense of durability but at a lower price than iron. Aluminum does not provide additional security like other fences. Nonetheless, it requires less maintenance like painting and decorating, especially at the initial stages of installation. Here at Leander Fence Builders, we can paint and decorate your aluminum fence to give it a brand new look.

Chain Link Fence and Gate Repair

Chain link fence is great, especially if you want to boost the security of your business or office. However, this fencing type is prone to damage and rust. In commercial properties, a chain link fence risks getting damaged by a vehicle wrecking into it or when a tree falls on it. Leander Fence Builders offers exceptional Gate Repair Leander, TX including treating the gate and fence to prolong its life.

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Professional Fence Resoration

Enhance the look of your damaged or leaning fence with our high-quality fence repair services. Fence repair doesn’t have to be expensive. At Leander Fence Builders, we offer fence repair services at a competitive and reasonable price that is affordable to both homeowners and commercial owners. Have other fencing companies told you that they cannot repair your type of fence? Well, worry not. At Leander Fence Builder, we tackle repairs for all types of fences with a lot of professionalism. We have the expertise and resources to repair wood, aluminum, iron, vinyl, chain link, and steel fences.

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