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Wood fences are, without a doubt, the most popular fencing option for residential settings. This is probably because they come in a wide range of styles and can work with any landscaped arrangement. Wood fences also add security and privacy to any home and can give a decorative finish. They are the most suitable option when you want to add to the curb appeal of your residential or commercial property.

Wooden Fence Installation

At Leander Fence Builders, a Wood Fence Builder Leander, TX, we provide second to none wood fences and gates. We can build different types of wood fences ranging from solid panels to open pickets. We have the experience to custom design and install our wood fence to match your specific requirements and the design of your property. In fact, before we begin working on any project, we first try to with our client's needs and the landscape of their property. This way, we can come with the perfect custom solution for their wood fence needs.

Quality Material

At Leander Fence Builders, we use the finest material in the market to build our wood fences. We use graded #2 materials for all our wood fences, which render the board 50% clearer than most wood materials. For this reason, our wood fences last long and they are worth the investment. In addition, we are open to using #1-grade materials upon request.

We take significant consideration as to how we install our wood fences. Unlike other Leander Wood Fence Contractors, we use only the best construction mechanism to ensure that we build a solid and long-lasting wood fence. For instance, when building our wood fences projects, we use the 4 * 4 pressure-treated pine post.

displays new wood fence for back yard
Wooden fence along property line in Leander, Texas. Fence provides privacy.
luxury home with tall wood fence to create privacy
residential wooden fence installation for perimeter line and privacy.

Advantages of Wood Fences in Leander

Wood fences come with numerous benefits to both residential and commercial properties.

  • Attractive Appearance

    Most property owners appreciate the look of wood fence, especially because it complements the style of homes and landscapes. What's more, it still looks good when it ages and attains a natural gray patina. If this is not your style, you can stain or paint it to give it a more modern look.

  • Increases Home Value

    Homes with this type of fencing have a higher value compared to others that don’t. This is because wood fences increase the home value, which means that you will sell your home at a higher price. Also, a wood fence will give you pride of ownership.

  • Enhances Security and Privacy

    For the privacy and security of your home, consider a wood fence installed by Leander Fence Builders. It can keep the backyard secure while ensuring that people from the outside can’t sneak a look in your property.

  • Low Cost

    When compared to fences like aluminum and iron, wood fences are relatively cheaper. Plus, this type of wood fence requires little maintenance and reduces the cost of maintenance. The repair of the broken pieces is affordable, and its look can be maintained by painting or treating it.

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