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At Leander Fence Builders, we have made it our job to install only the top-of-line iron fences that will protect your family and property. By using high-quality products from suppliers like Ameristar, we have undoubtedly become the premier Iron Fence Company Leander, TX.

Custom Iron Fences

When most people think about enhancing the beauty and aesthetic of their property, iron fencing is usually the first thing that comes to their minds. Iron is a top choice for both households and businesses, not only for its good looks but also for safety purposes. Installing an iron fence to your property is a great way to define your property lines as it provides excellent strength and security.

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Why Choose Leander Fence Builders?

Leander Fence Builders has 20 years of experience not only in designing but also in installing iron fences throughout the whole of Leander, TX. Having so many years of experience in the fencing industry, Leander Fence Builders is expected to give the best quality iron fence installation. We also work with qualified installers to ensure expert installation services. And as if this is not enough, our prices are very competitive and reasonable. We strive to exceed your expectations without requiring you to break your bank.

So if you are looking for an experienced, qualified, and affordable Iron Fence Builder in Leander, TX, then look no further than Leander Fence Builders. Grant us the chance to earn your business!

Advantages of Iron Fences

  • Elegant Security One

    Want to boost the security of your property stylishly? Settle for nothing less than Leander Fence Builders' iron fences. Our iron fences are built with strength and durability to ensure that nothing threatens your security.

  • Beautiful Appearance

    Iron is a great choice for homeowners and businesses who are trying to build the right impression. Iron has a natural appeal that complements the décor and style of most properties. Besides, most property owners install this type of fencing to add to the curb appeal of their property and increase its sale price.

  • Plenty of Styles

    When you opt for iron fences, you will enjoy the wide selection of styles it provides. This is because it can be welded to produce different shapes to meet the needs of various clients. At Leander Fence Builders, we pride ourselves in providing custom and pre-fabricated designs that are based on the specific needs of our clientele. Our crews are glad to help you choose the best design option for your application.

  • Low Maintenance

    If you are looking for a low-maintenance fence, iron would be a right choice for you. Since iron is strong and durable, it is less likely to get damaged compared to other types of fencing solutions. Nonetheless, it is prone to rust and requires painting once in a while.

  • Finish Options

    There are three types of finishes for iron fences, including powder-coated, pre-galvanized, and lastly primed and painted. Basically, the best and most popular finish is the powder-coat finish as it protects your iron from corrosion and rust. Additionally, it gives iron UV stability, allowing it to withstand discoloration and fading which is caused by long term sunlight exposure.

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