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We are a reputable Leander, TX Pool Fence Builder that takes pride in providing a wide range of pool fences to meet the needs of different clients. From aluminum pool fencing to chain link fencing, we have the right resources and workmanship to do the job.

Professional Pool Fence Installation

For most people who own swimming pools, safety, privacy, and an attractive appearance are of vital importance. Because of these, swimming pool fences have become very popular as they come in handy in ensuring a secure swimming environment. Since we began our operations, Leander Fence Builders have installed plenty of pool fences for customers in Leander, TX area.

swimming pool with white metal fence installed around perimeter

Aluminum and Iron Pool Fences

Ornament aluminum pool fence is the perfect choice if ornamentation and security are important to you. Here at Leander Fence Builders, we install aluminum or iron pool fences while ensuring that all the local pool codes are met. Aluminum is a popular pool fence type for most homeowners since it offers excellent visibility. It also comes in many styles and configurations that range from traditional to contemporary. This way, parents can keep watch of their children and pets at all times. Also, aluminum fences are incredibly durable and don't require much maintenance.

Wood Pool Fencing

Pool fences made of wood provides both privacy and security. Cedar is a favorite to Leander Fence Builders because it doesn't need any chemical treatments, and it can resist rotting. With wood fences, they tend to fade into a gray color over time which can complement most outdoor designs. Alternatively, you can hire our fence repair service where we stain and paint discolored fences.

Glass Paneling Pool Fence

Leander Fence Builders glass panel fencing is also a great choice for commercial settings and swimming pools in high-end homes. Glass panels are designed to provide security, protection, and visibility. This fencing creates the focal point of the pool as it allows you to relax as you look at the water.

Although glass is considered a fragile material, glass pool fences can last forever thanks to the modern technology that renders them extremely tough. At Leander Fence Builders, we can offer 3 types of glass panel installations; framed, semi-frameless, and frameless.

glass fence for pool security
pool with iron fence

Chain Link Pool Fences

Safeguard your swimming pool area with the durable chain link pool fence that comes in options of vinyl coated or galvanized. Although this type of pool fencing has minimal aesthetics, it serves the purpose of functional safety. Our chain link fences will keep children and other unwanted people at bay while giving you visibility at all times. 

PVC Pool Fences

Solid PVC offers a high level of security to any pool without shorting on aesthetics. This type of fencing can fit any décor and is available in numerous colors.

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With all these fencing options, we can guarantee that we have the fence of your dreams that will meet your pool fencing needs. Using our 20 years of experience as leverage, we will make sure that your swimming pool is a safe environment for your family and guests. Give us a call today and find out why we are the leading Pool Fence Company Leander, TX.

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