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12 Reasons Why Your Iron Fence May Be Falling Apart

A fence is a long-lasting investment. A fence will last for decades if it is properly maintained and cared for. However, even the best fence can begin to deteriorate over time. There are many reasons why your fence may be falling apart.

This blog post will discuss 12 of the most common causes of fence damage and how you can fix them!

Causes of iron fence deterioration

Even the best wrought iron fencing may begin to deteriorate over time. The heat, humidity, and other weather effects may lead to rusting or corrosion. Inspect your fence regularly for signs of wear.

If you notice damage in certain areas, expect that the rest of it will be similarly affected soon enough unless you take action right away! Here are some reasons why you need a fence repair:

  • Harsh weather

    The fence is subject to harsh weather conditions. Rough winter months can cause fence boards and posts to crack or split apart. Extreme heat in the summer may also warp iron panels, making them difficult or impossible to work with until they have time to cool down again.

  • Corrosive chemicals

    Harsh chemicals may be used on fence panels to kill moss growth or deter weeds. Over time, these chemicals may seep through the fence materials, weakening them and compromising their structural integrity.

  • Fence erected to close to another fence

    A fence that is situated too close to a fence. Suppose your fence is erected too closely to another neighbors' fence. In that case, it may not maintain its shape and curve as designed for optimal aesthetic appeal. It can also cause the edges of panels near the shared fence line to warp or detach from their posts.

  • Broken wire fencing

    Broken wire fencing is a common cause of iron fences falling apart. A hole in a wire fence caused by rusting, deterioration, or a fence-cutting animal can cause a great deal of damage to your iron fence.

    The hole may allow other animals and pests access to the inside of your fence, which can lead to broken fence posts, damaged gate hardware, and compromised structural integrity to its surrounding area.

  • Fence posts are improperly set

    A fence post that is too short may have a visible lean, causing your fence line to become unstable, uneven, and unsafe. Animals or even humans can push over a fence panel with weak posts.

  • Strong winds

    Strong wind gusts can create a significant amount of force against an iron fence, mainly if your fence is located along the property boundary or anywhere near tall trees that sway with heavy winds. If fence posts are not solid enough for strong weather conditions, they may break, fence panels become detached from their posts, and fence hardware can be damaged.

  • Fence age

    If your fence is between five years old to twenty years old, then it will need repair or possibly a new fence - this is because after about that time, the fence may start showing signs of rusting at the fence posts. It may also cause it to rust and deteriorate, so check for any signs that this might be the case.

  • Humidity

    If you live in an area with high humidity levels, your iron fence may be more susceptible to rusting and corrosion. The fence will look like it is falling apart when using quick-dry primer and paint. It is best to use a fencing primer and fence paint specially designed to avoid this problem.

  • Poor installation

    Poor installation techniques were used during the iron fence construction. This can include improper framing or poor engineering and cause fence panels to fall out of alignment. The fence can also develop a lean due to shifting ground and erosion, causing fence sections to become loose or even break off entirely if not caught early enough.

  • No proper maintenance

    A fence that is not maintained correctly will see a rapid decline in its lifespan. Regular cleaning with mild detergent and water removes light surface rust on your fence panels while pressure washing rids them of mud, dirt or debris caught up in fence crevices.

  • Poor gate materials

    Poor gate materials were used when it was made. This will undoubtedly result in premature gate failure, thus requiring professional fence repairs earlier than you expected. The fence post holding the hinge should also be checked regularly because they may start pulling away from the ground with no root system or support.

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Why is it important to call a professional fence repair Leander service?

When your fence needs repairs, it might be tempting to try and fix everything yourself. However, there may be times when this would cause even more extensive damage, so we recommend hiring a professional fence repair in Leander for any more extensive jobs, complex problems for a new fence project.


For example, if you notice that your fence is leaning or sinking, this could be due to several different reasons, such as tree roots, ground shifting, improper installation, and more. It's best to call fencing contractors for those bigger jobs because they can ensure the projects are done each time correctly!


Call a fencing company as soon as you notice the first problem with your iron fence panels or posts, even if it isn't damaged yet! Repairs to an iron fence can include: replacing broken panel rails and caps; tightening loose bolts; re-aligning crooked post holes; cleaning out corroded post bases, disinfecting and repainting.


This will ensure that you are getting the correct information regarding your repairs and can help prevent long-term damage, which might cause even more expensive problems in the future.


Iron fences are durable and robust, but they do need to be maintained. Taking care of any minor problems now can prevent the need for significant fence repairs in Leander down the road. If your iron fencing is already showing signs of damage, don't hesitate to call a professional! The sooner they can take action on repairing your fence, the less likely you are to experience long-term damage.


We hope this article has helped you better understand how important your fence needs regular maintenance. So give us a call today at (512) 866-2454 for free quotes or visit our website at if you would like more information about Leander Fence Builders, including our iron fence repair services within the Austin area.



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