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How Does A Fence Affect The Value Of Your Home

Like many things in your home, the fence around your property has functional and aesthetic value. Fences are not just for marking out the boundaries of your home. A fence is like a beautiful chain around your neck; you can go without one, but that little addition will make all the difference to your style and appearance.


When thinking of the different ways you can improve your home’s curb appeal and market value, a fence may not be the first suggestion that lends itself to your mind. Typically, you will think of fancier upgrades like adding a granite countertop in the kitchen, installing heated floors in the bathroom, or buying top-of-the-line appliances.


As RollingwoodManagement.com says, the first impression potential renters and buyers get about your home often decides if they will rent or buy the house and how much you offer for the property. The battle for getting buyers to pay you the value you place on your home is won or lost before the buyer sets foot inside the house. Everything on the home’s exterior is already helping the buyer make up their mind.


That is why the features that make up the exterior portion of your home matter a lot. These include the color and quality of paint on the outer surfaces, landscaping design, and the amount of care you give to your yard. But most importantly, it includes the presence of a fence around the home, plus the quality and physical condition of that fence.

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Why does fencing matter?

  • Offers safety

    A home without fencing holds almost no appeal for buyers with small children or pets. The presence of a fence assures them of their kids’ safety. Parents can do their work in peace knowing that their children are safe in the yard. Pet owners are also particular about fences because it prevents their pets from wandering and passersby from aggressive dogs.

  • Improves security

    Just as a fence keeps children and pets safe within the boundaries of a property, they also serve to keep unwanted visitors out. Even if it is only a picket fence, the fenced property has better security than an unfenced one. The fence provides a psychological and physical barrier against burglaries. Thieves are more likely to be seen if they have to scale a fence to access a home. Fences also keep wild animals from wandering into your property. That is important if your home is in an area frequented by bears and other dangerous wild animals.

  • It makes the home more private

    A fence lets you do more with your home than you would be able to if the property didn’t have one. A privacy fence around the sides and back of your property means you can use your yard any way you want without being afraid that passersby or a nosey neighbor can see you. Without a privacy fence, additions like an outdoor room or pool will be less enjoyable.

  • Adds to the appeal of the home

    A fence can be decorative. A picket fence, for instance, does not offer much by way of privacy, but it does a great job of improving the appearance of your home. Wrought iron or aluminum fences will have a tremendous impact on the visual appeal of your home while also enhancing security and safety. You may also use a privacy fence to block unpleasant sights around your home – such as a neighbor’s dirty shed - from the view of you and your visitors.

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What to think of when installing a fence

  • The neighborhood

    The style of the homes in your neighborhood will often determine if a fence is a valuable addition or not. If the houses in the area are not fenced, adding a fence may not be the best way to improve your home.

  • The style of your home

    The architectural design of your home dictates the kind of fence that will suit your home. Regardless of how much you spend on a fence, if it doesn’t match the style of the house, it will devalue the property.

  • The fencing material

    The fencing material will influence the appearance, usefulness, and maintenance. If you want a privacy fence, wood is probably your best option. If the fence is ornamental, an aluminum fence could work.

  • Installation and cost

    The characteristic of the ground and the features in the surrounding area will play a role in the kind of fence you choose and the cost of installing it.

  • The ease of maintenance

    Your fence will need some level of care to retain its appearance, to keep adding value to your home. Check how much work you will have to do to look after the fence before purchasing it.

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